Has NDLEA Closed Its Application Portal|NDLEA Recruitment closed for 2019


Has NDLEA Closed Its Application Portal|NDLEA Recruitment closed for 2019

NDLEA has closed its online portal for recruitment in the 2019/2020 calendar year. NDLEA Closed its portal for recruitment on the 29th of August,2019 and there is currently no room for extension. Weve received questions like, Has the NDLEA Recruitment Deadline been Extended for 2019 NDLEA Recruitment Exercise? If this is your question, the read this post further. If you have not applied for the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) nationwide recruitment currently ongoing? then you must be wondering if the deadline has passed or the corresponding closing date for the application will be extended?.

Application for National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Recruitment 2019 is now closed but you can still continue to print your application confirmation slip. Thank you.Click to print your confirmation slip

There you have, NDLEA has shot down its application portal. If you successfully applied, what you need now is NDLEA Past questions and answers. NDLEA Past questions will enable you prepare comfortably for the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency forthcoming aptitude test. Yes I assure you of that.. CHECK HERE=>Full list of NDLEA Recruitment Shortlisted Candidate 2019 If you haven’t printed your NDLEA Confirmation slip yet, here is How to print 2019 NDLEA Recruitment Confirmation Slip Do you want to be notified when next 2019 NDLEA Application Portal will be open? Are you ready to secure your dream job with NDLEA? If your answer to the above question is yes! All you need to do is to comment below so you can be notified when the form comes out. RELATED JOBS TO ALSO APPLY FOR:

Civil Defence Recruitment 2019/2020: How To Print Your NSCDC Acknowledgement Slip

NSCDC Acknowledgement Slip Printing 2019/2020 | Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment – Are you yet to complete your application for the NSCDC Recruitment 2019?. If you are familiar with this topic, you should know that a lot of job applicants experience some hitches when filling the NSCDC Acknowledgement Slip. All candidates who have applied for the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Recruitment for 2019 should be aware that they have to print out an acknowledgement slip to qualify them for the screening exercise for the Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment. So, in this post, we’re talking about how you can print your NSCDC Acknowledgement Slip and also some other vital information you need to understand as an applicant.

How to Print NSCDC Acknowledgement Slip | Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment 2019.

I know many candidates who have completed their applications for the Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment in Cafe’s will have their Acknowledgement Slip Printed for them. But StudyandPass still gets a lot of questions from some applicants on how they can print out their Confirmation or Acknowledgement Slip for the NSCDC Recruitment Exercise.

Procedure for Civil Defence Acknowledgement Slip Printing.

So below are the simple procedures you can follow to download and print your NSCDC acknowledgement slip even on your mobile (smart) phone.
  1. Visit the Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration, And Prisons Services Board (Cdfipb) portal www.cdfipb.careers
  2. Click on “Sign In”
  3. On the page that displays, Enter your “Email” and “Password” used during the application process
  4. Finally, Click on the “Sign In” button below.
On your successful login, the page that will display is your NSCDC Application Acknowledgement, It will display your biodata and the position you applied for and other details. 5. Click on “Print Acknowledgement” to have your slip printed out. All candidates for the NSCDC Recruitment 2019 are to note that they can’t edit their submitted applications. Candidates should also note that the Acknowledgement Slip is compulsory for all applicants to have as it is the evidence of submitted applications and on the next phase of the recruitment exercise which screening of applicants, you will be required to present your Acknowledgement Slips with The Guarantor / Referee Form alongside other required documents. Check the NSCDC screening date here. This is all you need to know on how to print Your NSCDC Acknowledgement Slip. Don’t hesitate to drop a comment and we will keep you updated on the NSCDC Recruitment.

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NDLEA Past Questions and Answers for NDLEA Recruitment 2019


Download Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency Questions Now– This past question and answers is a collection of previously conducted NDLEA recruitment exam test. Here are few samples of what to expect.

Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency Past Questions and Answers

Here is a compilation of Questions and Answers for the NDLEA Examinations..Get prepared Immediately;

1.What are the visions of NDLEA

ANS– To become the most proactive and leading Drug Law Enforcement Agency on the African Continent and one of the best in the world through the provision of effective and efficient services to Nigerians by cutting off the supply of illicit drugs, reducing the demand for illicit drugs and other substances of abuse, tracing and recovering drug -related proceeds and contributing to the creation and maintenance of an enviable image for the Nation throughout the world.

2. Who is the current Chairman of NDLEA

ANS– The Chairman/Chief executive of NDLEA is Col. Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah rtd

3. What are the key Job specifications of the Directorate of Asset and Financial investigation


  1. The enforcement functions, which entail the detection and investigation of drug related money laundering activities, as well as the tracing, and investigation of suspected proceeds of illicit drugs to facilitate confiscation as empowered by both the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Act (NDLEA ACT CAP N30 LFN 2004) and the Money Laundering Prohibition Act (MLPA 2011). In order words the Directorate is the Anti-Money Laundering unit of the Agency.
  2. Providing representation for the Agency in her interaction with relevant sister law enforcement and security agencies, other government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), and international organisations, so as to fashion out Nigeria’s AML policies and enforcement mechanisms that will be in line with the global efforts and standards.
  3. Carry out sensitization and enlightenment programmes on behalf of the Agency, for relevant stakeholders and the general public, on AML issues as they relate to drug trafficking.


ANS- Co-ordination of the drug demand reduction activities of the Commands to ensure standardization of professional drug demand reduction efforts.

5. The Communications Department in the NDLEA is under which department in the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency?

ANS–Directorate of Technical Services

6. The Lagos state Head office of the NDLEA IS ——-

ANS- Lagos Head Office Address –4, Shaw Road (Onilegbale Road)

Postal Address: PMB 40004, Falomo Post Office, Ikoyi, Lagos.Phone: Tel: +234-80-621-999-99


Cannabis Cocaine Methaphetamine Alcohol Cough Syrup with codeine Gasoline, Aerosols (glues) Opium Heroin Morphine Amphetamine


ANS- PHYSICAL: brain damage, liver damage, hypertension, excessive heartbeat, chronic bleeding, damage to unborn babies, cancer, anemia,etc. PSYCHOLOGICAL: sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, psychosis, craving desire, distorted perception reduced coordination hallucination, panic attacks, etc. SOCIAL: loss of job, family disintegration, expulsion from school, criminal offences, stealing, assassination, rape, armed robbery, premature death , etc.



10.List 5 Communications Device commonly used by the NDLEA


  1. Radios,
  2. Walkie Talkies,
  3. Telephone lines, and
  4. Satellite/TV facilities.


ANS– Many reasons have been abduced to drug abuse. Some of the common predisposing factors in Nigeria are: • Social pathologies such as unemployment and parental deprivation • Emotional and psychological stresses such as anxiety, frustration, economic depression • Peer group pressure characterized by the desire to be accepted among friends or in social circles • The desire to achieve success in a competitive world; and • Warped (materialistic ) value system in the society such as the crave to get rich quickly.


ans–> Membership of not less than 10(Ten) people • It must have a constitution • Permanent structure/fixed address • Well-equipped internet facilities • Web site address • Must be registered with the network of NGO’s Drug Demand Reduction • Cooperate affairs commission (CAC) registration • Other areas of specialization apart from Drug Demand Reduction • Patrons (sponsors) board member • Past events in Drug Demand Reduction • Age of the organization


ANS– Gateway drugs are substances people tend to try first when they start using drugs. These three substances are gateway drugs: Nicotine, Alcohol, Marijuana.


ANS– Addiction is the physical or mental “need” for a drug. The process of becoming addicted is usually slow.for example, it can take weeks, months, and even years to become “hooked” on the nicotine in cigarettes. But once a person is addicted, getting and using the drug becomes a very important part of his/her life. Once a person is addicted to one drug, it is easier to become addicted to other drugs.

14.. WHY SHOULD I BE CONCERNED ABOUT THE GATEWAYDRUGS ANS– Gateway drugs are the most commonly used, easiest to get and seemly harmless of all drugs. The pressure to try them is great. You should be concerned about them precisely because they are so popular and seem so harmless. In reality, they have many hidden dangers including addiction, physical illness and mental problems. Once a person is addicted, quitting the drug addiction keeps getting harder. That is why the sooner a person stops; the easier it is to beat the addiction.

16.. WHY DO YOUNG KIDS USE INHALANTS ANS– Young kids use inhalants because they are cheap and easy to get. They also use inhalants for the following reasons: • To satisfy curiosity about the substan0ce’s effects • To experience the changes in perception caused by using inhalants • To gain recognition and acceptance from peers • To rebel against or challenge parents or society



18.. Is the NDCMP 2015-2019 the first Master plan for the country?


19.. The first NDCMP was published In what year?

ANS.. 1999

20. In what year was the second edition of NDCMP published?

ANS>> 2008.

21.. What does the Availability, Access and control of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances for Medical and Scientific Purposes Pillar stand for? ANS– This strategic pillar focuses on activities that will strengthen regulatory mechanisms, develop national guidelines for health professionals and aims to improve collaboration between regulatory and law enforcement agencies. This strategic pillar consists of the following themes; • Estimation and Quantification • Distribution • Dispensing and Rational Use • Control and Access

22.. What does the Drug Demand Reduction (DDR) Strategic Pillar stand for?

ANS– This strategic pillar aims at expanding and improving drug treatment and care services as well changing public attitudes to reduce stigmatization associated with drug use and abuse. Additionally, it promotes the delivery of evidence-based drug prevention programmes aimed at reducing the likelihood of young people getting initiated into drug use. Also, this pillar outlines activities that will strengthen the coordination of drugs and HIV and AIDS control.

23.. The DDR strategic pillar has four themes, namely ?

ANS.. Sensitization, Advocacy and prevention Treatment and Continuing Care Drug Use and HIV and AIDs platform National Drug Monitoring System





How to Download FULL AND COMPLETE UPTO DATE NDLEA 2019/2020 Past Questions and Answers?

The cost of the Fully packed NDLEA Past Questions and Answers is 2000.00 naira

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Nigerian Civil Defence Recruitment Past Questions and Answers


The Nigerian Civil Defence Recruitment Past Questions and Answers (Grab your copy now)

Are you looking for Civil defence past questions and possible answers? If you’re currently on this page, then you must have already applied for the Civil defence job and getting prepared for the upcoming aptitude test.


What we have here is a collection of past test questions and authenticated answers for the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Service from past and previous years all put together.

Image result for CIVIL DEfence WEBSITE

This standard past questions and answers collection is solely meant for individuals sitting for the recruitment examination into various positions of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).

The past question material is recent, updated and useful to all applicant as it comprises of all questions asked in the past Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) recruitment exercise.

This PDF material past question is not just like any regular past question, but complemented with answers too.


The past question is being divided into three basic components which are:

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • General knowledge.

Sample Civil Defence Exercise Questions

Here are Few Questions to expect;

What is Civil Defence / What do we do?

  1. Civil Defence is a volunteer-based emergency response organization. Civil Defence supports the frontline emergency services, e.g. in dealing with severe weather or searching for missing people. We also carry out community support activities, e.g. providing first aid cover at both local and national events. Civil Defence operates at national level under the Department of Defence. Services, such as, Casualty, Rescue, Auxiliary Fire, Welfare, Monitoring and Communications, are delivered locally through Local Authorities. Each Local Authority has a Civil Defence Officer who oversees the organising and recruitment of volunteers. The Civil Defence Officer acts as the link between the volunteer, community, local authority and the organisation nationally.
  2. How to join Civil Defence? To join the Civil Defence organisation please contact the Civil Defence Officer in your local authority area. Contact details for all Civil Defence Officers are available on the Home Page under How to Join or by clicking on this link. All new members must complete an enrolment form and undergo Garda vetting.
  3. What is the minimum age limit for membership of Civil Defence? A person joining Civil Defence must be 18 years of age on the date of Enrolment.
  4. What skills do I need to join?/What training/services are available? Civil Defence offer members the opportunity to train in a variety of skills and to learn new techniques that will not only assist your local community in the event of an emergency but will also enhance your own personal development. Centrally run training courses, which run from January to May and again from September to December, are offered in the following areas: Casualty Service – Civil Defence provides pre-hospital training and certification from Responder to Practitioner levels. All training is delivered by experienced instructors and is certified to national standards. Rescue Service – training in urban rescue, open country search for missing persons and water based search and recovery. Auxiliary Fire Service – training in certain areas of fire fighting such as pump and ladder drills. Pumping floodwaters and supplying water and emergency supports to the community. Monitoring Service – training in the measurement of background radiation at specified locations throughout the country through the use of Graetz Meters. The Service also collects samples of water, milk, meat, vegetables etc throughout the country for laboratory testing by the EPA in order to give a nationwide picture of radiation spread. Welfare Service – training in aftercare for disaster victims. Training in food preparation is carried out in accordance with HACCP standards. Communications – training in VHF, UHF, TETRA and marine VHF radio operations and procedures including the familiarisation and correct use of all items of radio equipment operated by Civil Defence.
  5. How much time do I have to give? Volunteers normally attend for training for about two hours per week. After completing initial training, they are expected to make themselves available for duties such as providing first-aid cover at community events. Volunteers may also be called on at short notice to e.g. search for missing people.
  6. Who can call out a Civil Defence team? Civil Defence responds to emergency calls for assistance from the Gardaí, Fire Service, HSE, Local Authorities, Irish Coastguard and Government Departments. Civil Defence is not a 999 service and does not e.g. assist with missing person searches unless requested by the Gardai.

1. The NSCDC College of Peace and Disaster management is in which state?

A. Lagos


C. Katsina

D. Kaduna

2. The NSCDC is statutorily empowered by Act. No. 2 of

A. 1960

B. 2003

C. 1999

D. 1963

3. The NSCDC was formally known as

A. Lagos Civil Defence Committee

B. Nigerian Blue Army

C. Federal Defence Corps

D. Defence and Protection Corps of Nigeria

4. Which president signed into law the statutory backing of the NSCDC?

A. Yakubu Gowon

B. Shehu Shagari

C. Olusegun Obasanjo

D. Muhammadu Buhari

5. When was the first military coup carried out in Nigeria?

A. 1966

B. 1965

C. 1967

D. 2968

6. How many local Government do we have in Nigeria?

A. 778

B. 775

C. 774

D. 776

7. Who is the first Nigerian president?

A. Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe

B. Abubakar Tafa Balewa

C. Obafemi Awolowo

D. Alhmadu Bello

8. Which country’s flag is called the Union Jack?

A. France

B. Germany

C. Great Britain

D. Israel

9. What is the largest continent in the world?

A. Africa

B. America

C. Australia

D. Asia

10. What does the white colour in Nigerian flag stand for?

A. Peace’

B. Dignity

C. Strength

D. Fertility.

Latest Nigerian Current Affairs

1. The parliament of Nigeria is called ________

(A) House of Representative (B) Senate (C) State house of Assembly (D) National Assembly

Answer: D

2. Democracy day is celebrated in Nigeria on———

(A) Oct 1 (B) Jan 12 (C) May 29 (D) June 12

Answer: D (It was recently changed)

3. How many members make up the house of representative in Nigeria?

(A) 280 (B) 774 (C) 360 (D) 359

Answer: C

4. How many members make up senate in the upper arm of the national assembly?

(A) 100 (B) 108 (C) 109 (D) 110

Answer: C

5. Nigeria is divided into how many geopolitical zone?

A. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 8

Answer: B

6. Nigeria flag was created by——————-

A. Mr Aina Onabolu B. Prof Wole Soyinka C. Taiwo Akinkumi D. Ben Odiase

Answer: C

7. How many local governments do we have in Nigeria?

A. 744 B. 774 C. 747 D. 784

Answer: B

8. Who was the first military head of state?

A. Gen. Muritala Muhammed B. Gen. Ibrahim Babangida C. Gen. Aguiyi  Ironsi D. Gen. Idiagbon

Answer: C

9. Who stopped the killing of twins in calabar?

A. Henry Townsend B. Herbert Marculey C. Mongo Park D.Mary Slessor

Answer: D

10. Nigeria became a republic in what year?

A. May 29, 199 B.Jan 15, 1966 C. Oct 1, 1960 D. Oct 1, 1963

Answer: D

11. Economic Community of West African States ECOWAS. was established in what year?

A. May 1975 B. May 1963 C. May 1966 D. May 2000

Answer: A

12. Which state is referred to as “The Sunshine State”

A. Ekiti state B. Ondo State C. Jigawa state D. Oyo state

Answer: B

13. The Nigeria flag was designed by Taiwo Akinkunmi in what year?

A. 1957 B. 1959 C. 1960 D. 1963

Answer: B

14. The amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorates and the colony of Lagos was in what year?

A. 1959 B. 1914 C. 1963 D. 1960

Answer: B

15. Nigeria celebrated her last centenary anniversary in what year?

A. 2000 B. 2014 C. 2020 D. 1990

Answer: B

16. Who is the current minister of Education in Nigeria?

A. Prof Rukkayat Rufai B. Adamu Adamu C. Prof Adedapo Afolabi D. Prof. Wole Soyinka

Answer: B

17. The state with the least number of local government in Nigeria is——————

A. Zamfara B. Lagos C. Bayelsa D. Anambra

Answer: C

18. Who is the current Senate President in Nigeria?

A. Yakubu Dogara B. Bukola Saraki C. Tukur Buratai D. Oshiomole

Answer: B

19. Who is the current House of Rep in Nigeria?

A. Yakubu Dogara B. Bukola Saraki C. Tukur Buratai D. Oshiomole

Answer: A

20. Which state is referred to as “Centre of Excellence?”

A. Ekiti state B. Ondo State C. Lagos state D. Oyo state

Answer: C

21. Which state is referred to as “The Gateway state”

A. Ekiti state B. Ogun State C. Jigawa state D. Oyo state

Answer: B

22. The current minister of petroleum is —————-

A. President Muhammodu Buhari B. Amaechi C. Aisha Alhassan D. Babatunde Fashola

Answer: A

23. The first coup carried out in Nigeria was in what year?

A. 1996 B. 1966 C. 1967 D. 1973

Answer: B

24. Nigeria civil war started in what year?

A. 1967 B. 1970 C. 1966 D. 1985

Answer: A

25. The Aba Women Riot took place in what year?

A. 1975 B. 1929 C. 2001 D. 1939

Answer: B


26. Who is the current INEC Chairman?   Mahmood Yakubu

27. Who is current Chief of Army Staff? Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai

28. Who discovered River Niger?  Mungo Park

29. Who coined the name “Nigeria”? Flora Luggard

30. The first trade in Nigeria was held in what year? 1953

31. The highest mountain in Africa is? Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

32. The Largest River in the World is? Mississippi

33. The largest city in the world is? New York

34. Coldest country in the world is? Russia

35. The largest River in Nigeria is? River Niger

36. The United Nations was founded in what year? 1945

37. ECOWAS was founded in what year? 1975

38. The largest city in West Africa is? Ibadan

39. The twin towers ( World Trade Centre ) was bombed in what year? Sept 11, 2001 by Osama Bin Laden Terrorist group

40. The league of Nations was founded in what year? 1920

41. Central Bank of Nigeria was established in what year? 1959

42. The smallest continent in the world is? Australia

43. The First World War started in what year? 1914

44. The First World War ended in what year? 1919

45. The least populated country in the world is? Vatican city

46. Who hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup? South Africa

47. Nigeria is divided into how many geo-political zones? 6

48. The most populated country in the world is? China

49. The largest Island in the world is? Greenland

50. The Eifel’s Tower is located in what country? France

51. Eifel’s Tower was built in what year? 1889 by Gustave

52. The Nigerian to win a Nobel Laureate is? Prof. Wole Soyinka

53. N.Y.S.C was established in what year? 1973

54. Nigeria Civil War started and ended in what year? 1967-1970

55. Nigeria changed to use of Naira and kobo in what year? 1973

56. The largest continent in the world is? ASIA

57. The youngest judge in the whole world is John Payton

58. The first military coup carried out in Nigeria was in 1966.

59. Who formed the first political party in Nigeria? Answer: Herbert Macaulay

60. Question: What was the first political party in Nigeria?

Answer: NNDP

61.  Who is the current president of Nigeria?

Answer:  Muhammadu Buhari

62. Who is the current vice president of Nigeria?

Answer: Yemi Osinbajo

62. What does the eagle in the Nigerian coat of arm represent?

Answer: Strength

63. Representative democracy is best characteristic by Answer: free elections and proper registers of voters

64.  While political partial parties aim at forming a government pressure groups aim at Answer: influencing governmental decisions

65. When the electorate vote for representatives who is turn vote on their behalf we say it is Answer: an indirect election

66. An election which is conducted to fill a vacant seat in a legislature is called a Answer: by election

67. Which of these countries does NOT operate a federal constitution

Answer: France

68. The major advantage of the secret ballot is that Answer: it ensures the anonymity of each voter

69. In a one party state Answer: the ruling party is the only legal party

70. A cabinet system of government is practiced in Answer: Britain and Canada

71.  A proclamation by the head of state ending a session of parliament is called Answer: a dissolution

72. The constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria Answer: promotes unity of diversity

73. The transfer of authority to local government council is known as Answer: delegation

74. The principle of anonymity of civil servants means that they Answer: are credited or blamed for any thing they do

75. The six registered political parties in Nigeria in 1982 were


76. Which of the following is NOT a pressure group in Nigeria Answer: farmers

  • Go to NSCDC recruitment portal at http://www.nscdc.gov.ng
  • Find all accessible jobs and choose the one you want to apply for.
  • Fill the online application form accurately, review it and submit. Then follow all the instructions at the portal for additional clarifications.

How to Download Nigerian Civil Defence Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

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Who are Responsible for Examinations Success/Failure?


Who are Responsible for Examinations Success/Failure?

Mass failure is no more news to our ears, despite the number of exam success tips out there, we hear of it almost every day. When examination results are being released, massive failure follows. The question now is ‘what are the responsible factors for the massive failure in examination?’ Students, parents, government, the school and other people are responsible for the high rate of failure in an examination. Thus, all the bodies responsible for the educational sector need to be reviewed. There is need for students to change their attitude towards their studies and all other factors affecting their success need to be dealt with. No stone should be left unturned when curbing the massive failure rate among students. Here is a well written piece on How To Prepare Yourself For Final Exams – 5 Smart Ways Three major sets of people; students, parents and the examiners are responsible for success or failure of examination.


Students: Students particularly, are the subjects that are mostly concerned with mass failure. There are some factors that limit their success. These factors range from psychological instability, financial incapability, lackadaisical/nonchalant attitudes and distractions. Psychological problems can sometimes be overwhelming and interfere with student’s academic performance, thereby limiting the rate at which they study or assimilate what is taught. This makes student perform poorly in both internal and external examinations. For example, a student who loses a loved one will be affected in his studies, especially when examination is fast approaching. ALSO CHECK OUT==>Top Exam Success Tips for Every Student Also, when a student is not capable of providing for his financial needs or when there is no money to buy text books and other reading materials, failure might set in. Students find it difficult to concentrate in classes when they are hungry. Some spend most of the periods in school to engage in part-time jobs so as to cater for their needs. All these put them through lots of stress and inability to focus more on their studies. They have less time to study, read and prepare for their examination. Another factor that causes mass failure among students nowadays is their lackadaisical and nonchalant attitude. Most of them forget the main reason they are in school or college. They neglect their books and engage in non-beneficial and unproductive activities. They sometimes keep bad friends and are being lured to commit crimes and perpetrate evil in the school and community. Distraction in form of technology is another factor that is affecting the academic performance of youths. Social media and other forms of social networks and chat platforms with friends and family members are the major forms of distractions to many students. Most of them stay glued to their phones and laptops chatting, browsing or watching movies all day long. Top Exam Success Tips for Every Student Self -denial and discipline is essential for success. A student   has to limit his or her extra curricula activities and shun all forms of distractions while studying. The serious ones make use of these social networks to their advantage by browsing, making researches to gain more knowledge when preparing for examinations.


Another subject to consider is the parents of these students. Parental support on success is needed for academic excellence. Brilliancy is not the only requirement needed to excel. Coupled is the provision of resources to do exploit.  When the resources needed for a student to pass an examination are made readily available, the morale of such student to study will be boosted, knowing well that there is no excuse if he or she fails. It is a pity that some parents no longer care about their wards’ education; they do not inquire the welfare of their students. Parents no longer supervise their children’s assignments because they are too busy with work and other business engagements. They wake up very early in the morning and return very late in the night when their children are fast asleep. There is no daily supervision, no time to visit schools, check and evaluate their children’s academic performance. This kind of situation is not helping matters but only aggravating the rate at which children perform in their examinations.

Parenting style is another way parents affect their children’s success. Some parents pamper and spoil their children, thus contributing to academic failure. According to an adage that says, ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’, children should be scolded and not be pampered, especially when it comes to their studies. Parents are therefore encouraged to help the future of their wards by instilling in them the attributes of being successful and exposing the disgrace attached to failure which will help them buckle up for their examinations and pass exceedingly well.


Examiners also play important roles in the grading of students. Some examiners are friendly and strictly follow the marking scheme/guide, thereby giving appropriate marks as stipulated, but some are not like that. They are sentimental and award marks based on predilection, affection or hatred for a particular student. For example, in colleges or higher institutions, lecturers throw advances at some students, particularly the female ones, and sometimes when they do not give in to those advances, they are being intimidated by the lecturer who sometimes is the same as the examiner.  Some examiners and teachers are lazy and do not put in their best in teaching. Most of them found in government schools are not dedicated, they come to classes anytime they want, hardly teach the students and do not cover the curriculum. This makes the students lag behind and they find it difficult to perform well in external exams like WAEC, NECO, NABTEB and JAMB. Some examiners, in their bid to cover their lapses and to make ends meet encourage exam Mal-practices, of which the answers are not always right, thus leading to failure. If a student fails or gets less mark in any exams, he is weak in one or more of the factors to be mentioned. Sometimes, a student studies a lot but gets less mark in exam because he may not be aware of test-taking strategies which tell him how to express his learning outcome in the best way to convince the examiner, teacher or checker to give him more marks. Examination-taking tactics play a vital role in examination success. You should know how to give a good presentation on answer sheets with the help of headings, sub-headings, diagrams, charts, bullets and tables.


Latest News On NDLEA Recruitment 2019/2020 | NDLEA Screening Date


Read Latest News On NDLEA Recruitment 2019/2020 | NDLEA Screening Date and Shortlisted Candidates Today September 20, 2019.

If you applied for the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Recruitment exercise, kindly stay on this page and ensure to Bookmark this page as well to get the latest news and updates.We have been receiving queries from NDLEA Job applicants asking if NDLEA has finally closed its recruitment portal? Officially, yes. NDLEA recruitment portal has been closed, you can find that information here=>Has NDLEA Closed Its Application Portal|NDLEA Recruitment closed for 2019

Latest News On NDLEA Recruitment

Here on this page, candidates who applied for the NDLEA 2019 Recruitment Exercise will get the Latest News on NDLEA Screening Date, NDLEA Shortlisted Candidates, and many More important updates.

Latest News On NDLEA Recruitment Screening Date 2019.

We wish to let candidates know that the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Nationwide Recruitment screening exercise date has not yet been announced as arrangements towards shortlisting candidates for the screening exercise is still ongoing at the moment.

Candidates are therefore advised to disregard any text messages or emails from anyone claiming to be from NDLEA as all activities of the NDLEA Recruitment will be posted on this website for the public.

If you are an applicant, I will advise you always check for the screening date here.

1. Check Screening Date >> NDLEA Recruitment Screening 2019/2020 | Check NDLEA Screening Date

Latest Update On NDLEA Screening Shortlisted Candidates 2019.

Candidates waiting for the list of shortlisted applicants for NDLEA Recruitment exercise 2019 are to always make sure they stay up to date on the latest happenings regarding the recruitment exercise.

If you are an applicant, kindly make sure you always check for the list of candidates shortlisted in your state here.

2. Check NDLEA Shortlist >> NDLEA Shortlisted Candidates for Screening 2019/2020 | NDLEA Recruitment

Other Important Information.

All applicants are advised to also know the screening venues of the NDLEA, Check below for the all the venues nationwide.

3. Check NDLEA Screening Venue >> NDLEA Screening & Aptitude Test Exam Centres 2019 | NDLEA Recruitment.

If you applied for the NDLEA Recruitment, you should get past questions from previous recruitment to prepare yourself and stand a chance of being shortlisted.

4. Get NDLEA Past Questions >> NDLEA Past Questions & Answers PDF | 2019 NDLEA Recruitment Exam

You should also print your confirmation slip if you have not done so already.

5. Print NDLEA Slip >> NDLEA Applicant Confirmation Slip Printing 2019/2020 | NDLEA Recruitment

If you want to be frequently updated on any happenings in the NDLEA Recruitment Exercise, Kindly leave a comment below and we will keep you updated on every single update from NDLEA Recruitment.


Latest News on NSCDC Recruitment 2019/2020 | Civil Defence Recruitment


Latest News Update On NSCDC Recruitment 2019/2020 | Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment  – Today September 20, 2019.

Did you apply for Civil defense job? The Nigerian security and civil defense corp started her recruitment earlier this month.If you did applied and was successfully enrolled, this page will guide on the Latest News From NSCDC Recruitment which began on 9th September, 2019.

Are you searching for NSCDC Shortlisted Candidates, Civil Defence Screening Date for the ongoing 2019/2020 Recruitment Exercise, kindly stay on this page.

Latest News On NSCDC Recruitment

In This article, you are going to read about the latest happenings in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Nationwide Recruitment so you won’t miss out on any latest news updates.

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps NSCDC has begun a probe into activities of a job racketeering syndicate specialised in defrauding unsuspecting applicants through text messages and other online platforms.

The Corps in a statement by its Spokesman, DCC Emmanuel Okeh disclosed that “the Commandant General, Abdullahi Gana Muhammadu has set up a panel to investigate individuals or group of persons behind the fake messages and in due course they shall be made to face the full wrath of the law”.

In the same vein, “the Corps also warned the general public mostly desperate applicants not to fall victims of the fraudsters peddling fake messages especially on social media and therefore, enjoined all applicants to disregard any false information or directives requesting for any form of payment, screening and training, restating that, the Corps neither contract nor hire anyone to carry out the recruitment exercise on her behalf other than the Board. Therefore, applicants are to seek information from the right source in order not to fall prey to the antics of scammers”.

The statement notes that following the recruitment advertisement by the Board of Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration and Correctional Services which portal has since closed on the 7th of September, 2019, “some unscrupulous elements have taken advantage of this process to defraud unsuspecting members of the public through sending fake text and online messages stating that the registered candidates for recruitment should check their e-mail messages for their names and shortlisted candidates should report for screening and training at different designated locations in the country”.

NSCDC said the Board which is legally responsible for the recruitment exercise into the Corps has not sent out any message to applicants regarding screening time-table or checklist for interview.

’We hereby inform the general public and all applicants that the names of successful applicants for interview is yet to be shortlisted and no screening dates has been fixed for anyone’’, the Corps said.

“However, compilation of eligible applicants is still on-going and shall soon be shortlisted for interview and further processes. Only successful candidates who registered via the Board official website will be contacted and it will be officially published in conventional media.

Latest News On NSCDC Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates 2019.

For the latest news update on the list of candidates that have been shortlisted for the nscdc recruitment screening exercise, it is always good to check for updates to stay informed all the time. This page will keep you updated everyday.

Kindly note that all shortlisted candidates are advised not to forget their Guarantor / Referee forms as it is part of the screening requirements.

Latest News On Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment Screening Date 2019.

If you have successfully submitted your NSCDC recruitment application before the closing date, you should be always on alert on the screening day so that you don’ miss out. All candidates are advised to always check this page for update on the screening date.


It is also important to know your screening venue or center in your respective states before screening approaches.


Other Important News and Notice.

All candidates are to take note of the following important updates from NSCDC Civil Defence Recruitment 2019.

As you all know, screening is coming really soon, candidates are therefore advised to get prepared for the screening exam with Past Questions.

If you have not printed your NSCDC Application Acknowledgement Slip, you are also advised to do so as it will be required on the screening day.

ALSO CHECK OUT THIS=>Civil Defence Recruitment 2019/2020: How To Print Your NSCDC Acknowledgement Slip

Kindly let us know in the comment section below if you would like to be updated on the latest news from NSCDC Recruitment Form 2019 so that you wont miss out on any important updates.

Top Colleges of Education in Nigeria


Top Colleges of Education in Nigeria

There are 152 colleges of education in Nigeria, they include 21 federal colleges, 82 private and 49 state colleges of education. The top colleges of education in Nigeria are listed below in no particular order

Federal College of Education, Asaba

Federal college of Education, Asaba is a college of education located in Delta State, south west Nigeria. The college was established in 1986 and was established with the intention of producing staff and teachers who have excellent skills in Vocational education. The students are trained in Academic excellence and high morals. Student communication skills and other are also incorporated into the training in order to have a total graduate. The college’s Tuition is affordable and the school provides hostels/accommodation facilities for her students and offers full time academic programs in Vocational Education, Science & Technology, Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce.

ALSO CHECK OUT=>Federal Poly Ukana Post UTME & DE Admission Screening Form 2019/2020 [ND/HND Requirements & Cut off Mark]

Federal College of Education (Technical) Akoka Lagos State

Is a tertiary institution located in Yaba, Lagos State and was founded in 1967 by the Federal Government of Nigeria, the institution was founded with the purpose of grooming and producing teachers in technical, vocational and commercial academic disciplines for the country’s growing need for teachers. This great College of Education is approved by the National Universities Commission to offers the award of Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) and undergraduate first degree courses in technology education.  The school is also affiliated to the Federal University of Technology, Minna.

Federal College of Education Abeokuta

This college is a public institution that is authorized to issue a National Certificate in Education to successful graduating Students.  The college was founded in 1976 at Osiele, Ogun State, south west Nigeria. The school is rated as one of the top colleges of education in Nigeria.

Image result for college of educations
Top Colleges of Education in Nigeria

FCT College of Education, Zuba

Is located in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. It is a state funded and managed college of education. The college is committed to training her students to be excellent teachers in academic and morals. Students are also trained in Vocational Knowledge and Entrepreneurship. It was established in 1996 to solve the challenges facing the Nigerian Education Sector. The college has no religious affiliation, and welcomes prospects from different parts of the country irrespective of their ethnical or cultural backgrounds. FCT College of Education, Zuba offers programs in Science, Technology, and Social Sciences & Commerce.

Tai Solarin College of Education, Omu-Ijebu, Ogun

Tai Solarin College of Education is popularly called TASCE. It is a state owned college located in Ogun state south west Nigeria. The college was named after Tai Solarin who is a Nigerian Educator and Author. Tai Solarin College is constantly funded and managed by the Ogun state government. The college like most colleges of Education in Nigeria, has no religious affiliation and has a diverse student body. The college admits students from different parts of the country Admission into this college is very competitive so prospects have to prepare very hard in their UTME/Post UTME exam. Tuition is also very affordable and it varies for the different academic programs.

The College of Education, Ilemona-Offa

Is located in Kwara State, Nigeria and was established in 2006 to afford determined students interested in receiving a National Certificate of Education (NCE) award to become professional teachers the opportunity to obtain quality training and education from competent and well-mannered staffs/teachers of the institution. The College of Education, Offa is strategically located in a serene environment with a good view of nature. The College seeks to help students enrolled in the institution to develop physically, mentally and academically with the goal of helping them become productive, self-reliant and also relevant in any position they find themselves

Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri

Alvan Ikoku Federal college of Education is located in Owerri the capital of Imo State Nigeria.  This tertiary institution was established in April, 1963 as the Advanced Teachers Training College by the defunct Eastern Nigeria Government. It awards the National Certificate in Education (NCE) and the Professional Diploma in Education (PDE). The college is also in affiliation, with the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and awards the Bachelor of Education (B.ed) since 1984

Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin

The college was established in September 1974 by the Kwara State Government. The College is located in the city of Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State. The College is completely detached from Kwara College of Technology and formally named Kwara State College of Education to be sited in Oro. The College has an affiliation with Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.


NAUTH School of Nursing Admission Form For 2019/2020 Session And How To Apply


NAUTH School of Nursing Admission Form For 2019/2020 Session And How To Apply—- Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital School of Nursing application form is currently out and suitably qualified individuals who are interested in Nursing or establishing themselves in the Nursing field are invited to apply. The application process is quit simple and easy. Here is how to apply for the NAUTH School Of Nursing . Follow the process accordingly below.

This page contains all the necessary information needed to successfully obtain the NAUTH School Of Nursing application form and apply accordingly without any hitches.

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NAUTH, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital School of Nursing Form 2019… NAUTH School of Nursing admission application form is out and now available online for sale for the 2019-2020 academic session. –See more details below;


If you’re currently searching for admission into NAUTH School of Nursing? how to get admission form for NAUTH school of Nursing? You are practically going to get first class information on how to get this done here without lifting your finger.


Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission Into the 3 years General Nursing programme of School of Nursing Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, (NAUTH) Nnewi, Anambra state.



Five (5) credits at Senior Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent which must include: English Language, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology at not more than two sittings.

NOTE: Combination of WAEC and NECO result is acceptable



  1. Write a formal application to the Principal School of Nursing NAUTH Nnewi with certified 4 copies of recent passport photographs.
  2. Enclose photocopies of all credentials.
  3. Pay eight thousand two hundred naira (N8,200) only in any Bank to NAUTH account with Remita and obtain a receipt
  4. Attach your passport photograph to the receipt, make a photocopy and return the photocopy of the receipt with the photograph to the Admission Officer School of Nursing NAUTH Nnewi


Three (3) Years


Closing Date: Completed application form should be submitted on or before Friday 17th May 2019.


Saturday 8th June 2019 by 8.00am at School of Nursing NAUTH, Nnewi.

NB: Bring along pencil. Eraser. Ruler. Pen and Original receipt issued by NAUTH Accounts with attached recent passport photograph.

IMPORTANT! Currently, NAUTH School of Nursing admission portal has been closed for 2019/2020 academic session. Disregard any form of advert you come across. This page will be updated immediately the form is out again. Bookmark this page to receive first class information.




UBTH School of Midwifery Admission Form For 2019/2020 Academic Session And How To Apply


UBTH School of Midwifery Admission Form For 2019/2020 Academic Session And How To Apply

University of Benin Teaching Hospital Benin City, Applications are invited from the general public for Admission into the school of Post Basic Midwifery, UBTH Benin City for the 2019/2020 Academic session. UBTH School Of Midwifery application form is currently out and suitably qualified individual who are interested in Midwifery or establishing themselves in the Midwifery field are invited to apply. The application process is quite simple and easy, here is how to apply for the UBTH School Of Midwifery. Follow the steps accordingly below.

This page contains all the necessary information needed to successfully obtain the UBTH School Of Midwifery application Form and how to apply according without any hitches.

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UBTH, University of Benin Teaching Hospital School of Midwifery form 2019….UBTH Schoool of Midwifery admission application form is out and now available online for sale for the 2019/2020 academic session. See more details below;


If you are currently searching for admission in UBTH School of Midwifery? How to get admission form for UBTH School of Midwifery? You are practically going to get first class information on how to get this done here without lifting your finger.


Applications are invited from suitable candidates, male and female, into the Post Basic Midwifery, School of Midwifery, University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH), Benin City for the 2019/2020 Academic Session.



Entry Qualification: Applicant should/must:-

  • Possess five (5) credits in not more than two sitting in WAEC/NECO, NABTEB, SSCE/GCE/OL which must include, English language, Mathematics, Biology, Physics and chemistry.
  • Be a qualified Nurse duly registered with Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.


Application forms are obtainable from the office of the Principal/Head of Department (School of Midwifery) on presentation of evidence of payment of non –refundable fee of Six Thousand Five Hundred Naira. (N6, 500) only payable to UBTH Account with TSA under the service type: Training School of Midwifery using REMITA platform in any bank in Nigeria.


  • Sales of forms commence 11th March 2019 and closes 21st September 2019.
  • All forms must be purchased from the office of the Principal/Head of Department, school of midwifery, UBTH.
  • Be informed that UBTH does not sell the school of midwifery application forms online.

Completed application forms should be submitted to the institution before 21st September 2019

Date of Entrance Exam:             21st September 2019 at 8:00am
Date of selection interview:       24th September 2019 at 8:00am
Venue:                                        School of Midwifery, UBTH, Benin City

IMPORTANT! Please be guided, if you need more information on how to apply for UBTH School of Midwifery admission for 2019/2020 academic session drop a comment below or bookmark this page for more information.


Download UNIUYO Post UTME Past Questions in PDF Format Here


Download UNIUYO Post UTME Past Questions in PDF Format Here.

University of Uyo POST UTME SCREENING EXERCISE  Exam Questions-Are you searching for UNIUYO POST UTME Questions and answers? This page will help you absolutely.

Here is a sample of ENGLISH LANGUAGE  UNIUYO Post UTME Questions


Section A: From the word or group of words lettered A to D, Choose the one that best completes each of the following sentences.

  1. After much debate on the controversial issues, the meeting was …………..till the next morning. A) Postponed b) Proscribed c) Adjourned d) Delayed
  2. The company distributed gifts to its staff as an ……………. A) Incentive b) inception c) interest d) induction
  3. You must have ……….. I was eating. A) Known b) Knowed c) Known c) Know
  4. The chairman …………. By the news of his defeat. A) Was shake b) Was shook c) was shaken d) was shocked
  5. Who ………….. this sketch? A) Drew b) Drawn c) Drawed d) Drawn

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Words that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word and that the same time correctly fill the gap in the sentence

  1. Etim is very frugal whereas his friend Nsikak is ………………. A) Misery b) Thrifty c) precocious d) Extravagant
  2. You should be …….. so as not to be caught unawares. A) serious b) sober c) ready d) alert
  3. The manager who was sackedlast month has been ……… a) Retired b) suspended c) reinstated d) promoted
  4. The school authorities expected the contributors to be ………. Rather than compulsory. A) willful b) voluntary c) deliberated d) outright

After each of the following sentences a list of the possible interpretation of the sentence is given. Choose the interpretation that you consider most appropriate for each sentence.

  1. It was quite impossible for him not to have noticed that Lola has arrived. This means that he……………………………………….
  2. a) Should have known that Lola had arrived
  3. b) found it impossible to say that Lola has arrived
  4. c) said that Lola had not arrived
  5. d) pretend not to know that Lola had arrived
  6. My father advised us not to go with the crowd. This mean that he advised us not to ……………….
  7. a) stay in the crowd
  8. b) have many friends
  9. c) travel with many people
  10. d) be unduly influenced by others
  11. We would grant request if we had money. This mean that ……………
  12. a) we have the money but will not grant your request
  13. b) we have the money and will grant your request
  14. c) we will have the money and cannot grant your request
  15. d) we do not have the money and cannot grant your request
  16. Amina has an infectious smile. This mean that Amina …………….
  17. a) spread infection when she smile
  18. b) has sore in her teeth
  19. c) makes others smile when she smiles
  20. d) become infected when he smiles

from the word lettered A to D, choose the word that is nearest in meaning to the underlined words

  1. Your ability to decide on a line of action can mar your future
  2. a) build b) make c) destroy d) none of the above
  3. Eme’s waist is adorned with beeds
  4. a) surrounded b) besieged c) decorated d) defaced
  5. Samuel was skeptical about the story Umoh and him
  6. a) ignorant b) confused c) doubtful d) convinced
  7. The politician made very scurrilous remark about his opponent
  8. a) abusive b) intolerable c) false d) sharp

            From the word lettered A to D, choose the word that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the letters underlined

  1. Seat a) sot b) key c) cite d) set
  2. Dirty a) worm b) sun c) burn d) date
  3. Time a) beam b) him c) by d) baby
  4. Bad a) man b) pane c) all d) car

From the word lettered A to D, choose the word that has the same consonant sound as the one represented by the letters underlined

  1. Vast a) fast b) laugh c) nephew d) offer
  2. Joke a) watch b) age c) ago d) leg
  3. Tailor a) talk b) calm c) laugh d) walk
  4. Leisure a) sugar b) pressure c) decision d) compulsion



1) C 2) A 3) C 4) D 5) A 6) D 7) D 8) C 9) B 10) A 11) D 12) D 13) C 14) C

15) C 16) C 17) A 18) B 19) C 20) C 21) A 22) C 23) B 24) C 25) C

UNIUYO Post UTME Past Questions

UNIUYO Post UTME Past Questions

So, I’d really encourage you to go for one. I’m not trying to coax you to buy though, it’s your choice but I need to guide you on the right track to follow if I must see you gain admission and the best way is to get past questions. You really want to know why? I aint cajoling you like I said but this are the reasons;

  • It enlightens you on the scope of exam
  • You won’t be in the dark about questions to expect in the examination.
  • You won’t need support rather you’ll be confident in yourself
  • You won’t develop examination fever as a result of not knowing where the questions will be coming from.
  • Equips you beforehand.
  • Guides you on how to answer exam technical questions

Apart from equipping you and all that, series of studies and hard work will help boost your intelligence. You know, even if you are very smart if you don’t read you become dump. It helps you think fast and beyond your capacity. You won’t also feel intimidated by the crowd or question because you’ll be prepared for it.

If you are really interested in purchasing UNIUYO Post UTME Past Questions and Answers, then l’m going to have to help you but will also require sincerity and honesty on your part too. This will go a long way to improving your exam preparatory skill. You will understand the pattern of the aptitude test exams and how it is conducted in UNIUYO.

Most of these questions in the past questions sometimes do repeat itself in subsequent years, I’m 100% sure of what am telling you.  In UNIUYO, admission is strictly based on merit and you are expected to score your post UTME as high as possible as the admission placement is very competitive.

Going deep, I have compiled the past questions for all subjects and as you place orders, each will be downloaded and sent to you. Paper typed? It’s also possible to print out the past questions to you but the only demerit of paper is, you can’t carry it anywhere you go. WHY? It’ll be voluminous and bulky, everyone will get to know you are writing jamb and somehow, it make you look uncivilized, no offence though.

We have all UNIUYO Post UTME Past Questions and Answers in hard copies too if you need it paper typed and we will make it available on request only.

The cost of the newly updated UNIUYO Past Questions and Answers is 2000.00 naira only for four subject’s combination.

For instance you are writing UTME for Engineering, you will be required to purchase at least four subjects which are;

  • Use of English
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics.

The course selection in the Post UTME exams depends on the subjects you wrote in JAMB.

=>How to Download FULL AND COMPLETE UP TO DATE UNIUYO Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

The cost of the Fully packed  POST UTME Screening Exam Past Questions and Answers is 2000.00 naira

COST: 2000

See the payment detail below.

Account Details Account Name:  JOHNSON JOSEPH Account Number2064705639 Bank: UBA BANK PLC

Electronic Transfers Accepted

After Payment , send the following (1) Email address, (2) depositors name, (3) amount paid (3) Exact Questions Needed and code to 08162534441 on Whatsapp or 08156739977


University of Uyo Postgraduate Screening Exam Questions and Answers


University of Uyo Postgraduate POST UTME Screening Exam Questions and Answers

UNIUYO  Postgraduate Screening Exam Questions and Answers… Are you an aspiring UNIUYO Postgraduate candidate? Do you wish to partake in the upcoming  Uyo Postgraduate Screening examination? Then you need to arm yourself, there are various ways to do that. Over the years, we’ve received and SMS from aspiring candidates for past questions and answers in the forth coming Postgraduate exams, not only that, we’ve also received lots of testimonies from aspirants-turn-students of the tremendous role past questions played in their gaining admission.

University of Uyo Postgraduate POST UTME Screening Exam Questions and Answers

UNIUYO Post UTME Past Questions


From the word s or group of words lettered A-D, choose the word or group of word that best complete each of the following sentences.

  1. ……………… of the five boys was able to show me the way to the zoo
  2. a) None b) Neither c) Any d) Some
  3. This ……….. be David’s handwritings. I know his handwriting well enough. A) May b) Will c) Ought d) Can’t
  4. ………. things she had in the room were thrown out. A) So few b) the few c) All few d) Very few
  5. There are few boys ……. A) of which two beaten b) Whom two were beaten c) two of whom were beaten d) of whom two were beaten.
  6. This is the man ……… told me the story. A) Whom I said b) who I said c) Said that he d) Whom I said
  7. Many students find mathematics …….. than English. A) Difficult b) Too difficult c) Very difficult d) More difficult
  8. It is such a had place ………… I will never dream of going there another time. A) Therefore b) Thus c) That d) Then
  9. He has not been seen by his parents ……… last month. A) Since b) for c) Getting d) Since over.
  10. The ………. Came here last week. A) Handsome tall young man b) Young tall handsome man c) Tall handsome young man d) Young handsome tall man
  11. The activities marking the golden jubilee celebration of the club were …… with a party. A ) Rounded off b) Round over c) Rounded through d) Rounded up

Choose the Option that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word and that will at the same time correctly fill the gap in the sentence

  1. To encourage productivity we must reward industry and …………. Laziness
  2. a) Withhold b) Withdraw c) Punish d) Oppose
  3. It is quite Customary to introduce the guest speaker, but ……. to insult him. A) Illegal b) Impolite c) Unusual d) Useless
  4. I encourage my younger brothers to take on law as a profession while I …… my sister from doing so. A) Warned b) Dissuaded c) Persuaded d) Helped.
  5. Olu was able to Kindle the fire which my father had to ……. Later. A) Switch b) Extinguish c) Destroy d) Ignite
  6. It is curious how Bayo can be so carefree in his way when his brother is so ………. A) Meticulous b) Eccentric c) Easy-going d) Indifferent

Choose the option that best explain the underlined idiomatic expression in each sentence.

  1. Mr. John has always managed to keep his head above water. A) Keep his head above water while swimming. B) Known the technique of swimming. C) Stay out of financial difficulty. D) He is trying to pay up borrowed money.
  2. The men eventually get their own their back at their oppressors. A) Strike b) Have their revenge on c) Beat up d) Abuse
  3. He went off the railsas soon as he heard of his failure in the last examination. A) Became annoyed b) Wept bitterly c) Became disorganized d) Lost consciousness
  4. She is eating her heart out for a sailor who is away at the sea. A) Long for b) Quarrelling with c) Fuming about d) Hating.
  5. You can’t make bricks without straw. A) Use a straw for making bricks b) Afford not to have all the necessary materials c) seek a leader d) erect a brick without straws

Provide the Synonyms for the Underlined words

  1. The superintendent was appalled by the attitude of some of the employees towards their words. A) Annoyed b) Disappointed c) Shocked d) Provoked
  2. The lawyer’s argument of the case was exhaustive A) fascinating B) exaggerating C) exhilarating D) thorough
  3. The monk lived and acetic life in order to discipline himself. A) Holy b) A religious c) Prayerful d) An austere
  4. Okon attempt to entice Eno with the Promise of a handsome some of money. A) Deceive b) Force c) Trick d) Tempt
  5. It is absurd to suggest that Tunde should marry such saucy lady. A) Pitiable b) Hopeless d) Humorous d) Ridiculous

SOLUTION TO University of Uyo Postgraduate POST UTME Screening


1) A 2) D 3) B 4) A 5) A 6) D 7) C 8) A 9) C 10) A 11) C 12) C 13) B 14) B

15) A 16) C 17) B

18) To go off the rails means to start behaving in a strange way (i.e. to become disorganized).

19) A 20) B 21) Appalled means to make someone feel horror shock: disgust etc, 22) D 23) D 24) D 25) D

=>How to Download FULL AND COMPLETE UP TO DATE Postgraduate POST UTME Screening Exam Questions and Answers

The cost of the Fully packed Postgraduate POST UTME Screening Exam Past Questions and Answers is 2000.00 naira

COST: 2000

See the payment detail below.

Account Details Account Name:  JOHNSON JOSEPH Account Number2064705639 Bank: UBA BANK PLC

Electronic Transfers Accepted

After Payment , send the following (1) Email address, (2) depositors name, (3) amount paid (3) Exact Questions Needed and code to 08162534441 on Whatsapp or 08156739977


How to Become a Scientist in Nigeria


How to Become a Scientist in Nigeria

Do you want to become a scientist? this guide will help you. Six out of ten growing children in Nigeria are having the desires to end up in the sciences, either as medical scientist, biological scientist or one thing or the other that is science related. But, a survey run on young adults in the university or adults in their field of endeavors shows that four out of the six children whose intentions was to be in the sciences while growing up had grown up into adapting into other fields for one reason or the other.

READ=>Benefits of ResearchGate to Scientists and Researchers

In view of this, and the decline to the achievement of dreams and purpose, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to intimate you on how  to become a scientist in Nigeria. We hope you find the rest worthwhile.

Who is a scientist?

In the true sense of things, A scientist is someone who conducts scientific research to advance knowledge in an area of interest. But for an average Nigerian parent, a scientist is that person who ended up making their parents happy by their choice of profession and giving the parents bragging rights amidst their peers. Well, make that a fun fact.

Becoming a Scientist in Nigeria

To become a scientist in Nigeria, the following are the needed starter packs;

  1. Take introductory technology, Basic Science and Mathematics extremely seriously in Junior class at high school or secondary school.
  2. Upon getting promotion into the senior secondary class after making JSSCE, join the science class and become excellent at Chemistry, Physics, Further Mathematics and Mathematics.You’ll need to be well-specialized in mathematics. Scientists in the physical sciences use a great deal of mathematics, particularly algebra, calculus and analytical geometry, while those in the biological sciences use math less often. All scientists need a working knowledge of statistics, too.
  3. Consider going to science camp during secondary school. You’ll do more intensive projects than you do in your regular science classes in school.
  4. Develop an analytical mind, learn to see issues from angles other than the supposed presented angles.
  5. Pick a science course to major in once in the university and give it your utmost best for the purpose of achieving the set target.
  6. Graduate the university in flying colors.
  7. Keep your knowledge up-to-date.During your decade and more of education (and your career), it’s wise to keep up-to-date in your field and related others by attending conferences and reading peer-reviewed journals. Science is constantly changing – in the blink of an eye you could be left behind.

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In smaller fields (and some larger ones), you’ll get to know all the names in these journals. Reading them will let you know who you should ask for research help or favors when the time comes.

With the right contributions from diligent studies and rigorous improvement on knowledge base, you are on the path of definitely making your family proud, making your own contributions to the field of science and making cool money from your knowledge.

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ResearchGate.net-Benefits of ResearchGate to Scientists and Researchers


ResearchGate.net–Benefits of ResearchGate to Scientists and Researchers

ResearchGate is a social networking website that exists for scientists and researchers to share papers, find collaborators and ask and answer questions. The website was founded in May 2008 by scientist Dr. Ijad Madisch who is the CEO of the company and physician Dr. Sren Hofmayer and computer scientist Horst Fickenscher and it is owned by ResearchGate GmbH. The website has over thirteen million (13 million) users thereby being the largest academic social network in terms of active users.

ResearchGate has been described by the New York Times as the mashup of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Most ResearchGate users are from medicine or biology. It also has participants from agricultural science, physiology, computer science, engineering and many others.

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Benefits of ResearchGate to Scientists and Researchers

The website offers the following benefits to scientists and researchers

  • Sharing publications: it allows researchers to share their publications for millions of users to access
  • Connecting with colleagues: it allows users or members to connect, ask and answer questions from other users or members of the website
  • Obtaining statistics and metrics on use of uploaded publications
  • Asking questions from researchers around the world with the same set of research interests
  • Create exposure for users or member’s work.

How to Join ResearchGate.net

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ResearchGate.net-Benefits of ResearchGate to Scientists and Researchers

To connect and collaborate with researches around the world, the following steps must be taken

  • Log on to researchgate.net
  • Click or tap join for free or connect with Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Select the group of researcher you belong
  • Type in your name, institutional email address, and choose a password
  • Click or tap the link in your activation email to complete or finish creating your account with ResearchGate.

How to Add Publications to ResearchGate

ResearchGate has made it easy for users to add their publications as well as unpublished work to their profile in two ways


Confirm Authorship of a Publication that Exists on ResearchGate

The following are steps to quickly and easily add matched publications to a user’s profile

  • Go to the publication page of the research item you have authored
  • Click or tap on the your name below the title of the research item to visit your scientist contribution page
  • Click or tap claim your profile at the top right corner of the screen to add the listed publications to your profile.

Users can also add research items that they authored with the following steps

  • Go to the research item’s publication page
  • Click or tap the download arrow or icon directly under the stats on the right-hand side of the screen
  • Select claim authorship from the drop down menu displayed on the screen.

N.B: If you follow the steps above, you should be able to find the research items listed on the Research tab on your profile. In case you are having problems finding your published research, you can try using the search box at the top of any ResearchGate page.


Create A Publication Page For Your Research That Is Not Yet Existing On ResearchGate

ResearchGate members or users can create publication pages for their research work. Various research items such as conference papers, and negative reports can be added to the publication page. The following are steps to be taken in creating a publication page for your research on ResearchGate

  • Click or tap the add new button on the ResearchGate home page
  • Select published research and the publication type
  • Follow the steps for the specific type of research you have chosen
  • You might be required to add a file.


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