Physics WAEC Questions 2019/2020 | Physics Objective and Theory Questions

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Physics WAEC Questions 2019/2020 | Physics Objective and Theory Questions

Physics WAEC Questions Physics WAEC Questions 2019 | In this Exam question section on Physics examination, I will be showing you past Physics objective and theory random repeated questions for free. You will also understand how WAEC Physics questions are set and many more examination details. All you need to do is to stay focus and follow this guide…

INSTRUCTION:  Answer all questions -Physics WAEC Questions 2019/2020 | Physics Objective and Theory Questions


1.         All of
these are scalar quantities except (a) Temperature (b) Speed (c) Momentum (d)

2.         The S.I
unit of acceleration due to gravity is _____

3.         A mango
fruit drops to the ground from the top of its tree which is 10m high. How long
does it take to reach the ground? (a) 2.5 sec. (b) 10 sec. (c) 2.2 sec (d) 2

4.         For a
projectile, the maximum range is obtained when the angle of projection is (a)
300 (b) 900 (c) 450 (d) 600

5.         The
single force which acting alone will have the same effect in magnitude and
direction as two or more forces acting together is called ____

6.         The S.I
unit of momentum is (a) NM (b) m/s (c) KM/J (d) M2

7.         The 3rd
equation of motion is given by _____ (a) V = U + 1/­2 at2
(b) V2 + U2 (c) V = U + at (d) V2 = U2
+ 2as

8.         The
examples of stable equilibrium are; except (a) A cone resting on its base (b) A
ball in the middle of a bowl (c) An egg resting on its side (d) A racing car
with lo C. G  and wide base

9.         Which of
the following is not a vector quantity? (a) Speed (b) Acceleration (c) Electric
field (d) Force

10.       The slope
of a straight line displacement time graph indicates ____ (a) Uniform speed (b)
Uniform acceleration (c) Distance (d) Uniform Velocity


Instruction: Answer any four questions you know

1.         A
projectile is first with initial velocity of 80 m/s at angle of 300
with the horizontal. Calculate

            (a)       Time of flight (b) The Maximum height (c)
The range

2.         Define
the following with 4 examples each

Scalar quantities (ii) Vector quantities

3.         Define
the following

Stable equilibrium (ii) Centre of gravity (iii) Velocity

4(i).     Calculate
the time it takes a piece of stone thrown vertically upwards with a velocity 20
m/s, to reach its maximum height. [g = 10m/s2]

ii.         Differentiate
between speed and velocity

5.         State the
principle of moment

ii.         If a
force P of 40N acts in the direction due East and another force Q of 30N acts
in the direction due North, calculate the resultant of these two forces.

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